Realistic Text to Speech 10X Cheaper

Pickles is a Text-to-Speech API that is 5X cheaper then OpenAI, 32X cheaper then ElevenLabs and 2X cheaper than UnrealSpeech.

❤️ Realistic AI Speech with Emotion

⚡ Latency Optimised to run at scale  

💸 Much much cheaper than all comparable models

Listen to some samples

Here are some samples direct from our AI speech generator with no editing!

Integrate in 30 seconds

Insanely easy to integrate, all it takes is a simple HTTPS call.

  • Easily Integrate

    Pickles uses simple HTTPS calls so you can integrate it easily. You'll get back a hosted WAV file.

  • Fast and reliable

    Get responses back extremely quickly so you can build faster then realtime talking applications.  

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  • Hobby

    1M characters/month
    • 1M characters per month
    • ~200 hours of speech
  • Growth

    10M characters/month
    • 10M characters per month
    • ~2000 hours of speech
  • Enterprise

    100M characters per month
    • 100M characters per month
    • ~20000 hours of speech

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